borehole drilling in progress at golf course

Is Borehole Installation Disruptive?

29th April 2022

  Borehole drilling is required for both water borehole and ground source heating installation. Both of these installations utilise natural energy sources to provide efficient water and heatin...

The Importance of Choosing An Accredited Heat Engineer to Install Your Ground Source Heating

21st March 2022

  Installing a renewable energy source such as ground source heating at your property is not a decision that should be taken lightly. As with all big investments, thorough research is highly r...

Air Source VS Ground Source Heating

Ground Source VS Air Source Heating

23rd February 2022

  Investing in a renewable energy source such as a heat pump requires thorough research and careful consideration. The most common types of heat pumps are ground source heat pumps and air sour...

solar panels and windmill over sunset

6 Reasons to Use Renewable Energy In 2022

26th January 2022

The current environmental crisis isn’t going anywhere. If you’re still yet to make any changes to your property or lifestyle to contribute to a better planet, 2022 is the year to do so! Many pe...

snowy house during winter with ground source heating installed

Making the Most of your Ground Source Heating During Winter

20th December 2021

Winter may be in full swing but the coldest months are just around the corner. Every year, the UK is hit with temperature drops and in some places, extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice. Whi...

Our Chairman discusses borehole drilling with the Renewable Heating Hub

2nd December 2021

Our Chairman Geoff Ellison was invited to discuss the role we play in Ground Source and Water Borehole drilling projects. Click on the link below to watch the interview.   https://www.youtu...

Water Borehole

What is the Difference Between a Well and a Water Borehole?

26th November 2021

A question we often get asked is; what is the difference between a well and a water borehole? Any type of well or water borehole works by extracting water from an underground source found beneath p...

Water Borehole

Is Ground Source Heating the Right Choice for Your Home?

25th October 2021

Making the switch to a more sustainable energy source doesn’t have to be intimidating but research is essential. With a variety of options available on the market, it is important to choose a system...

home with solar panels

How to Make Your Home More Green

4th August 2021

There is no time like the present to make your home more green. The current environmental crisis won’t wait so we all need to do our bit to enforce change and save our planet. Whilst many environmen...

Dragon Drilling launches online shop

17th May 2021

Dragon Drilling is delighted to announce the opening of a new online shop for customers to purchase items from our retail division. The site will list power tools, hand tools, pipe and fittings, pumps...

water borehole maintenance

Signs that your Water Borehole Needs Maintenance

15th April 2021

A water borehole comes with many benefits, including low cost and maintenance following installation plus a constant, sustainable and independent water source directly into your home. Being self-suffi...

water borehole chamber

How to Tell if your Property has Water for a Borehole

8th April 2021

Water boreholes are a sustainable method of water supply to domestic or commercial properties, saving money and energy as well as directly providing clean water. The borehole drilling process consists...

Considering a Heat Pump?

26th February 2021

A ground source heat pump has many benefits and installing one could save you money as well as reduce your carbon footprint.  In a commercial setting, managing temperature is important to ensure t...

Buying a house with a borehole

22nd December 2020

If you’re buying a house in a rural area, it’s not unusual for there to be a borehole on the property. Often considered a selling point, it enables you to supply the property with its own wa...

Dragon Drilling helps the local community

17th December 2020

Dragon Drilling have today helped out locally with a cash donation to a resident group in Cynwyd and Llandrillo who are providing gifts and meals to vulnerable people this Christmas. Their work aims t...

Dragon Drilling Expand With New Rotomax Drilling Rig

3rd December 2020

As the largest borehole drilling company in the UK, Dragon Drilling is always in the process of expansion and growth. In May, we made the exciting step towards an expanded service capability wit...

New Government Green Scheme announced

19th November 2020

The Government yesterday announced a ten point plan to launch a 'Green Industrial Revolution' to focus on clean energy, carbon neutrality and innovative technologies. Details of the scheme can be f...

ground source heat pump

How a Ground Source Heat Pump can help businesses

12th November 2020

For businesses, the need for a commercial ground source heat pump can stem from many pain points. If you’re dealing with an unreliable heat source, paying too much to keep your business heated...

Ground Source Heat Pump Webinars in Schools

6th November 2020

On 12th November Andrea Ellison, Director and Co-Founder of Dragon Drilling, as well as ex-teacher and head teacher, will present a Ground Source Heat Pump Association webinar to introduce the Schemes...

Dragon Drilling’s work with the community

17th October 2020

  At Dragon Drilling, we pride ourselves on the work we do as part of our community. It is so important for us to get involved and support local residents and other businesses where possible....

water borehole in a drought

Does a water borehole work in a drought?

13th August 2020

Although the UK is known as a country with no shortage of rain, we still have our fair share of drought conditions. With summers getting hotter, hosepipe bans are a common first response to low levels...

Dragon Drilling Press Release

15th May 2020

We are delighted to announce that Dragon Drilling have today (14/05/2020) ordered five new drilling rigs from the German manufacturer Geotec of Nordkirchen. Dragon Drilling have been in discussions...

Geoff Ellison appears in Leaders Council podcast

21st April 2020

In these uncertain times decisive leadership is crucial. Our Chairman Geoff Ellison was invited to take part in a Leaders Council podcast to discuss his leadership style and future plans for Dragon Dr...

Dragon Drilling achieves Achilles accreditation

30th March 2020

Dragon Drilling is delighted to announce it has been accredited by Achilles and entered into their verified database. The two day audit, both at head office and out on site, covered the Company's Qual...

Dragon Drilling Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

23rd March 2020

Please be aware that following tonights announcement our on site retail shop will now be closed to the general public. Please be aware we will still be able to take telephone orders on 01824 707777...

Dragon Drilling Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

19th March 2020

An important update for our customers and suppliers regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus). At Dragon Drilling the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers and suppliers is of critical importance. We...

ground source heat pump

How does a Ground Source Heat Pump work?

5th March 2020

Ground Source Heating is one of the most important steps towards a sustainable future. It is a heating solution that uses natural heat to replace traditional forms of heating. Ground Source Heat...

Is borehole water safe to drink?

5th February 2020

There are many reasons to use a water borehole. For domestic customers, whilst most are interested in a cheaper water solution, they also need to be confident that the water they extract will be...

What Will A Borehole Look Like When It’s Finished?

28th January 2020

Especially when it comes to domestic boreholes, it’s not all about function. Although many of our customers come to us already excited about the prospect of a better, cheaper water source, the...

5 Reasons To Invest In A Ground Source Heat Pump

30th December 2019

For businesses and domestic properties alike, a ground source heat pump is an investment that offers some great rewards. Dragon Drilling are one of the primary drillers of ground source heating bore...

How Farms Benefit From A Water Borehole

20th December 2019

Water is an incredibly important yet expensive resource that farms rely on to run successfully. Whether your farm grows crops or raises livestock, water is needed to clean, feed, irrigate and keep y...

Grand Designs show

Dragon Drilling Attends Grand Designs at the NEC

28th October 2019

Between Wednesday October 9th and Sunday October 13th 2019, Dragon Drilling attended Grand Designs Live at the Birmingham NEC.  Grand Designs Live is one of the biggest home improvement events of ...

The Dragon Drilling Fleet: Why Equipment Matters

21st October 2019

Within the Borehole Drilling industry, equipment is everything. As experienced drill operators and engineers, we know that not all rigs are created equally. Some borehole construction companies don’...

Dragon Drilling re-launches retail store

18th October 2019

Dragon Drilling has re-launched its retail store as part of its main office expansion programme. We wanted to cater to everyone, not just existing customers, to ensure their needs are met and they...

How Hotels Benefit From A Water Borehole

16th September 2019

For hotels, water usage is a big issue. Not only is there an environmental factor when it comes to the amount of water that’s required to keep a hotel running, but the utility bills of mains water c...

How Long Will A New Borehole Last?

12th September 2019

For most homes and businesses, a water borehole is an investment. The life of that investment, and therefore the amount of return it sees, is one of the most important factors in the decision. If you...

Is it possible to share a borehole water supply?

30th August 2019

The simple answer... Yes, it is possible for a water borehole to supply more than one property.  Shared boreholes allow the flexibility of being able to share your borehole water supply with neigh...

Dragon Drilling Upcoming Show Dates

11th July 2019

he Dragon Drilling team love attending shows and exhibitions where we can meet our customers face to face, offer advice and guidance, and answer any questions people may have about installing a water ...

Dragon Drilling purchases new fuel cubes

25th March 2019

Dragon Drilling have purchased six new fuel cubes to provide an environmentally friendly solution for our drilling crews throughout the country. The cubes will increase the productivity of the dr...

Dragon Drilling expands head office

25th March 2019

Dragon Drilling has this week begun an exciting expansion of its headquarters in North Wales in preparation for the busy summer months. The three acre site has been redeveloped to allow greater ca...

What is Ground Source Heating?

25th February 2019

Ground Source Heating is a way to use the natural heat that’s stored in the earth to heat a property. It uses these sustainable resources to provide a more efficient, eco-friendly source of heat. ...

Do I Need A Geological Survey Before I Get A Borehole?

11th February 2019

At Dragon Drilling, we’ll always perform a geological survey before we begin work on a borehole. We consider it one of the most important parts of our process, the first step that we take before we ...

Dragon Drilling Attending the Energy and Rural Business Show

22nd January 2019

Dragon Drilling will be exhibiting at the Energy and Rural Business Show on the 6th and 7th of February 2019 at the Telford International Centre. This two day event is a chance for anyone thinking abo...

The Equipment You Need To Maintain Your New Borehole

14th January 2019

Whether you’re ecologically or financially motivated to invest in a new borehole, the moment it’s finally installed can be quite overwhelming. From that day on you’re self-sufficient, using natu...

How To Maintain a Water Borehole Supply

7th January 2019

Having helped many domestic and commercial customers install and maintain water boreholes to combat costly meter charges from their mains suppliers, we know just how vital a water borehole supply can ...

Is A Water Borehole Bad For The Environment?

18th December 2018

There’s never been a time that the environment hasn’t been more relevant. With a focus on renewable fuel sources and sustainable farming practices, it’s natural that we’re often approached by ...

Could You Save Money With A Private Borehole Water Supply

11th December 2018

There are many reasons to invest in a private water supply such as a water borehole. You’ll be able to remain self-sufficient, be allowed to abstract 20,000 litres a day with no restrictions, but th...

A new addition to the fleet!

22nd November 2018

Due to customer demand we have added Rig 12 to our ever expanding fleet!. Rig 12 is a piling rig, ideal for site investigations, monitoring boreholes or any work carried out in soft ground....

Borehole Depth

Why is borehole depth important?

29th October 2018

The Dragon Drilling team are experts in borehole drilling, which means we’ll answer a lot of questions about what we do. Whether it’s a question of environmental impact, project length or simply c...

Borehole Water

What is borehole water used for?

25th September 2018

The Dragon Drilling team get a large number of calls each month, each with a different requirement. Commercial and domestic, large and small, there’s thousands of uses for borehole water that we...


Why Should You Consider A Residential Borehole

24th August 2018

Many households across the UK are a choosing an innovative, sustainable way to supply their homes with water: a water borehole. For residential properties, a water borehole is the perfect choice. ...

What Is The Borehole Drilling Process

24th August 2018

One of the questions we get asked a lot at Dragon Drilling, after we’ve explained a little about what we do, is how we do it. Installing a borehole can take up to three weeks from start to finis...


Why Should You Consider A Borehole For Your Business

21st August 2018

Water is an integral part of the everyday runnings of thousands of businesses. High-usage businesses like hotels, farms, campsites and golf courses use thousands of litres of water every week to k...


What is Borehole Drilling?

31st July 2018

At Dragon Drilling, there’s a few questions we get asked a lot when we talk about what we do – and one of the first ones is ‘what actually is Borehole Drilling?’.   Having worke...

Ruthin FC

Dragon Drilling help fund Ruthin F.C Training Programme

13th February 2018

Ruthin F.C is running a kids football training programme, which Dragon Drilling are helping to fund as part of our partnership with the club. Offering a fantastic opportunity for local chil...

Dragon Drilling Chairman delivers prestigious key note speech at HSBC event

9th October 2017

Chairman of Dragon Drilling, Geoff Ellison was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the ‘HSBC Strategies for Growth 2017 – North & Mid Wales’ on 28th September 2017. The event was held a...

Dragon Drilling are attending HVAC as part of Construction week

9th October 2017

Dragon Drilling will be attending the HVAC Exhibition at NEC Birmingham from 10th-12th October. HVAC 2017 is the largest event of its kind in the UK, attracting 30,276 industry professionals in its...

Ground Source Energy Expo 2017 on 6th September

29th August 2017

This year’s Ground Source Energy Expo 2017 combines a conference and exhibition with afternoon workshops for anyone interested in the industry at any level. The Expo will have speakers from...

Dragon Drilling successfully shortlisted as a Daily Post Business Awards finalist

21st November 2016

We are proud to announce that Dragon Drilling (Water & Energy) Ltd. has been successfully shortlisted as a finalist in the Daily Post Business Awards 2016. These awards acknowledge businesse...

Introducing Dragon Drilling Shop

31st August 2016

It’s been another busy year at Dragon Drilling. The last 12 months has seen the arrival of two Comacchio MC30 drilling rigs, weighing in at 36 tonnes each. Capable of drilling deep boreholes for met...

MC30 joins Fleet

11th May 2016

Dragon Drilling are delighted to announce a further addition to our ever expanding fleet. The Commacchio MC 30 is a high performance hydraulic drilling rig designed for civil engineering works....

We Are Sponsors of Ruthin Town FC

9th May 2016

Dragon Drilling are happy to announce their continued shirt sponsorship of local football team Ruthin Town FC for the 2016/17 season. We’ve been working in partnership with Ruthin Town FC for many y...

On the Move

7th May 2016

Dragon Drilling are delighted to announce a recent move to Corwen. Having outgrown premises in Ruthin, we have now successfully relocated to a spacious setup. With huge storage capacity, ample office ...

Dragon Drilling Events

16th January 2016

Dragon Drilling often attend events to help spread the word of the benefits of borehole drilling and ground source heating. Keep track of what we're up to here:

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