5 Reasons To Invest In A Ground Source Heat Pump

For businesses and domestic properties alike, a ground source heat pump is an investment that offers some great rewards. Dragon Drilling are one of the primary drillers of ground source heating boreholes and work with installers of ground source heat pumps throughout the country. We’ve helped hundreds of customers gain a heating solution that offers:

Environmentally friendliness

Although ground source heating pumps take a small amount of electricity to run, they are still a very environmentally friendly option. This is because for every unit of electricity they use, they return much more heat. Therefore it’s a more sustainable way to heat your home and water than traditional heating.   

Lower heating costs

Your ground source heat pump is still run on electricity, but it uses a very small amount. Instead of running a boiler, you are using electricity only to keep the pump running. This uses much less electricity than most other heating solutions, and when compared to an electric heating solution, it needs far less energy to heat your home. As you’re using less electricity, your bills are lower.

RHI scheme

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government scheme that supports those looking for a better, more sustainable heating solution. The initial investment in a ground source heat pump can be a stumbling block for some households, the government introduced a financial incentive. Over 7 years, you will receive payments each quarter due to your use of a renewable heat source and the production of renewable energy. With a ground source heat pump, you will get 19.86p per kWh of renewable heat you create. This can amount to more than £1000 each year, depending in the kind of pump you have.

Dual Function

Depending on your needs, a ground source heat pump can work to both heat and cool your house. This is especially useful for commercial properties that have a need for an air cooling system in addition to a sustainable heating solution. With this potential, you’re able to sustainably heat and cool your property without the costs of purchasing and running multiple systems.

No maintenance costs

Once your ground source heating boreholes are installed they can be left alone. People often turf over the boreholes if they are drilled in a garden.

With the experts at Dragon Drilling alongside you, you can have lower heating costs, a financial incentive and a more positive impact on the environment than your current heating solution. Contact us today to find out how a ground source heating solution can work for you.

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