Reduce Your Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint With Ground Source Heating

Are you looking to reduce your annual energy bills? Reducing your energy bills has never been as vital as it is right now. For example, a household buying a ‘typical’ amount of gas, is seeing their bills rise by 54%, from £1,227 per year to £1,971 per year. Prepayment bills are also going up by £708, from £1,309 to £2,017 per year according to Ofgem 2022.

Energy bills are going up for several reasons, predominantly due to the cost of importing gas rising in price. This is where ground source heating comes in as your money-saving saviour, reducing your energy bills and keeping them at a steady ongoing cost for years to come.

What is ground source heating?

Ground source heating is when a borehole is drilled next to your home and a pump is installed that extracts heat energy from the earth’s natural resources into your home. They work to capture the earth’s constant 9-11 degrees temperature, trapping the heat using water and antifreeze. Any heat that is extracted is replenished 24/7 by the sun – resulting in 24/7 constant heat.

Benefits include…

Would this benefit both domestic and commercial properties?

Yes! This can be used and be exceptionally beneficial in domestic and commercial properties due to the small amount of space needed on your premises to install ground source heating. This can be used to heat open space heaters such as radiators and underfloor heating, as well as for domestic water use such as showers, baths, and general hot water use. During the energy crisis, this can be a perfect alternative to your boiler, due to its low carbon heating systems, high-efficiency rate and low running costs – meaning you are saving a lot of money!

Efficiency and what this means for your carbon footprint

Energy efficiency is the use of less energy to perform the same task or produce the same result. Being energy efficient can help stabilise energy costs, reduce the demand for fossil fuels and in turn, lower the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If you switch to greener energy, some benefits for this would be reducing greenhouse gas emissions that negatively impact the environment, as well as reducing demand for energy imports and lowering costs. This can leave a positive impact on your overall carbon footprint.

How a ground source heat pump can save you money on energy bills and make you future profits

Sound good so far? You could claim up to £6,000 to install a new ground source heat pump from the government’s ‘ Boiler Upgrade Scheme’. The scheme will run from April 2022 to April 2025 and offer a fixed payment toward the installation of a ground source heat pump. You will have to ask your installer to apply for this grant, and if approved they will take it off of the final cost.

It is estimated that you can save up to 26% on energy bills when installing a heat pump instead of a new gas boiler. If you’re looking at future profits, installing a ground source heating pump in your house can increase the overall value to around 35%-50%.

There hasn’t been a better time to install a ground source heat pump. 

What is a ‘carbon footprint’ And how can ground source heating reduce it?

A carbon footprint is based on the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organisation or community. 

Why is releasing carbon dioxide into the environment a bad thing?

Carbon dioxide is harmful to the environment because it traps the radiation at the ground level, resulting in ground-level ozone. This prevents the earth from cooling during the night and warms the ocean, leading to global warming.

What contributes to my carbon footprint?

The main 4 contributors are 

1. Food

2. Consumption

3. Transportation

4. Household Energy

How does installing a ground source heat pump reduce a carbon footprint?

When a borehole is operated using renewable energy, it is carbon-free. This works by transferring heat from the underlying geology that has been heated by the sun, to your home. This is a renewable and efficient source of energy that will replace your current standard heating system.

As leading UK experts in water and ground source heating borehole installations, Dragon Drilling can help you reduce your heating bills as well as your carbon footprint. Enquire today to begin the process.

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