Extracting energy from the ground to heat a property is a sustainable use of the Earth’s natural resources and could reduce your fuel bills and carbon emissions. A few metres below the ground, the temperature is constant throughout the year, typically 11°C. This energy can be harnessed to heat your home and water.

Dragon Drilling installs ground source boreholes for many leading renewable heating installers throughout the UK. We drill boreholes from which a ground source heat pump can extract heat from the ground, then convert and transfer this energy for domestic properties, commercial facilities such as leisure complexes, caravan parks and hotels, and industrial units.

The benefits of ground source heating systems include:

  • On average, 75% free renewable energy
  • Government incentives available
  • Fixed and stable energy costs
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Constant heat 24 hours a day
  • Fuels both hot water and heating
  • Directly replaces your existing boiler
  • Reversible to provide cooler temperatures in summer
  • Suitable for virtually any property
  • Can add value to property

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All our drilling rigs are modern and custom-built to our own specification for maximum flexibility. To minimise disruption to your property, they are rubber-tracked and highly manoeuvrable to access the tightest of locations. Dragon Drilling typically drills to depths of 100 to 150 metres. Once drilled, we install pressure tested closed heating loops. For total peace of mind, all underground piping used by Dragon Drilling carries a manufacturer’s guarantee of twenty five years. The borehole is then backfilled from bottom to top using thermal transfer grouts to improve the connection with the ground and ensure optimum performance. Unlike shallow slinky coils of pipe, boreholes are installed far deeper into the ground and therefore harness a more constant temperature. Borehole loops can be installed where space is at a premium and without any significant disruption to mature gardens and landscapes.

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Renewable Heat Incentive

The renewable heat incentive offering from the Government, is a significant financial incentive that encourages property owners to install ground source heating boreholes as a sustainable energy source. The Government will pay a set rate tariff per kilowatt hour for the renewable heat generated over a 7 year period.

For a ground source heat pump, this tariff is currently at 20.89p/kwh. This sum is paid to the owner of the system residing in existing domestic and self-build properties.

Commercial properties can also benefit from the RHI scheme at a rate of 9.56p/kwh for a period of 20 years.

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How much space do I need?

The actual space required for a ground source heating borehole may be as small as a driveway. If you can get a Land Rover and trailer to the drill location, our drilling rig should be able to gain access.

Can I install ground source heating in an old property?

Yes, this is possible.

How much will I save?

You could save up to 75% of your fuel bill.

What does the borehole look like at the surface?

There is nothing to see at the surface, as the heating loops are buried.

How many boreholes will I need?

This depends on how much heat is naturally lost from your building and the kilowatt capacity of your system. Generally, the bigger the property, the more boreholes you are likely to require. A typical four bedroom property may need two ground source heating boreholes.

If I need multiple boreholes, how far apart should they be?

Ideally, ground source heating boreholes ought to be situated a minimum of six metres apart to maximise the efficiency of the heating pump system.

What type of drilling methods do you use?

We operate cable percussion drilling rigs and rotary drilling rigs using compressed air or drilling fluids

Do I need to gain permission to install a ground source heat borehole?

Not usually. Permission may be required when drilling into an area containing coal. We can assist with all matters relating to permission and licensing.

What type of ground loops are used?

We use loops manufactured from PE100 High Performance Polyethylene Pipes (HPPE). The loop has an electrofusion joint and has been pressure tested by both the manufacturer and Dragon Drilling. Each loop is supplied with an individual pressure test certificate and comes with a twenty five year guarantee.

How deep are the boreholes?

The average depth of a ground source heating borehole drilled by Dragon Drilling is 100 metres. Our standard rig enables us to drill up to 200 metres but we have other specialist equipment if deeper depths are required. Please note, it is essential that boreholes are drilled to the correct depth and this should be checked before you accept a cheaper quote.

Why do you use thermally enhanced grout?

Thermally enhanced grout ensures the maximum efficiency is achieved from your borehole. This type of grout can be up to three times more conductive than alternatives and we highly recommend its use in this application.

How is a ground source heat pump maintained?

Your heat pump will require an annual service much like any standard boiler. The heating loop will not require any maintenance once installed.

Is funding available to help with the installation costs?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme reduces the time it takes to recover your initial investment. You can read more about this scheme here.

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Thanks for the great service, Chris did a top class job, really pleased with the new water treatment system Dragon Drilling have installed.

Yorkshire - System Upgrade

October 4, 2021

My thanks to the whole team for a smooth and professional project.

Cheshire - Ground Source Heating Boreholes

September 24, 2021

Ricky and Chris were a great set of drillers.

Landfill Site

August 19, 2021

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