snowy house during winter with ground source heating installed

Making the Most of your Ground Source Heating During Winter

Winter may be in full swing but the coldest months are just around the corner. Every year, the UK is hit with temperature drops and in some places, extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice. Whilst building snowmen and sledging might be all fun and games, a warm cosy home to come back to is essential

Ground source heating is a great investment, providing benefits all year round including reducing your carbon footprint and saving money long term. But, in the months where you require a heated home the most, you want to be sure you are getting the most out of your heating system and utilising your ground source heating system as best as you can.


Have you had your service?

Whilst ground source heating is pretty low maintenance, it does require an annual service. Making sure you get this sorted before the winter means you can rest easy that your home will be kept warm all winter and you won’t run into any problems concerning your heating system.

Plus, the winter season can be a busy time of year with festive celebrations so a call out for your heating will likely be the last thing you’ll want to be doing!


Ensure you have effective insulation

If your house isn’t properly insulated, you will not reap the full benefits of a ground source heating system; this is even more important in the winter. Ground source heating is a long-term investment, but it won’t be worth the money if you’re pumping heat into your house for it to go straight out. 

Loft insulation, filling wall cavities and double or triple glazing are long-term solutions to a warmer home, preventing heat from escaping or draughts getting in.

If these options aren’t practical for you right now, some quick fixes include adding thick curtains or placing draught excluders under doors to keep the heat in each room.

TIP: Don’t leave windows or doors open for too long! If you’re bringing the shopping in or letting the dog out – try shutting the door in between as it will make a big difference and prevent too much heat from escaping.


Keep temperature consistent 

The great thing about installing ground source heating is that it provides consistent heat into your home, all year round. 

However, it is always a better use of heat and energy to keep your thermostat at a consistent temperature where possible. You will actually use less energy if you keep your thermostat at the same, slightly lower temperature rather all the time as opposed to turning up the heating really high when you first get in from the cold and letting the house get freezing when you’re not in. 


As heat is retrieved from underground, which maintains a temperature of around 10 degrees all year round, a ground source heat pump is protected from extreme weather conditions and there is much less risk of frozen pipes or hot water shortages. For this reason, heat pumps are also much more efficient than air pumps at this time of year as they can still function efficiently in colder weather. 

We have plenty of information and other blogs sharing everything you need to know about ground source heating and making the most of your new heating system. Or, if you are interested in installing ground source heating at your property, get in touch for a quote.

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