water borehole in a drought

Does a water borehole work in a drought?

Although the UK is known as a country with no shortage of rain, we still have our fair share of drought conditions. With summers getting hotter, hosepipe bans are a common first response to low levels of water. For those who rely on a borehole as their sole source of water, including businesses who use large amounts, it’s important to know that you are able to count on the water that you need remaining available.

It’s a common question that our team is asked when summer comes around. The answer depends on the design, drilling and installation of your water borehole and system.

Boreholes work by drilling to a target depth to intercept the water that flows through fissures in the rock. These fissures replenish naturally as part of the water cycle, and is usually constantly refreshed with new water. The key to ensuring that a water borehole will work through drought conditions is drill depth. A lot of drilling companies have a policy to stop drilling once they hit water. This can be only 20-30 metres down, which is at a depth that is still susceptible to being affected by the surface conditions. When surface water, wells, and springs dry up, boreholes at this depth are also at risk of having low water levels.

At Dragon Drilling, our process is based on analysis of the geology of the area to ensure that we drill deeply enough to secure a consistent supply, even in drought conditions. Having worked on boreholes all over the country, we understand the way that local geography affects the performance of a water borehole. We carry out water recharge tests that provide a ‘litres per minute’ figure to understand how quickly the borehole refills. This enables us to tell our customers what to expect, and to make sure that the supply is sufficient for their needs.

The result of a well-designed, well-drilled borehole is a consistent supply of clean water that’s under your own control. As a result, you’re not required to adhere to any drought orders from water companies such as hosepipe bans. You’re able to use your supply of water just as you would before, provided that you remain below the 20,000 litres each day that is permitted without an extraction licence.

For a reliable borehole that’s drilled to provide your home or business with the water supply you need, speak to Dragon Drilling. We’ll provide a high-quality borehole that’s made to last, worked on by qualified engineers.

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