Why Should You Consider A Borehole For Your Business

Water is an integral part of the everyday runnings of thousands of businesses. High-usage businesses like hotels, farms, campsites and golf courses use thousands of litres of water every week to keep their organisations running smoothly, and every drop comes at a cost.

A borehole is a cost-effective way to minimise the costs of your water supply for businesses of all requirements. No matter how you use water, your business can benefit from a supply that’s clean, reliable and free.


You’ll see significant savings

A borehole is an investment, but it’s one that can pay for itself within a short amount of time if your business uses a high volume of water. Alongside the quick return on investment and t significant savings on your water bills, the added convenience of controlling your own water supply is an efficiency that adds exponential value to your business.



At the moment, your business is reliant entirely on a local authority. In the event of restrictions, service disruption, regulation or cost increases, you have no choice but to accept and adapt to the problems. When you’re in control of your own water, you’ll no longer see shortages, bans or tariff changes that would usually have a significant impact on your business.


Up to 20,000 litres for free

Some organisations, especially manufacturing, use a large amount of water on a daily basis. With a borehole, your business can use up to 20,000 litres of for free without a licence.


We’ll install it quickly and professionally

Dragon Drilling are experienced in working with commercial clients, and we understand that you need a service with minimal downtime for your business. It takes only a few days to fully drill and prepare your borehole. After that, it’s a simple task to maintain it with an annual service.


Save your business time and money with a borehole that’s your own dedicated water supply. With Dragon Drilling’s expertise, we’ll build a solution that works for your company and ensures you have the most effective, efficient way to supply your water.

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