How To Maintain a Water Borehole Supply

Dragon Drilling have been installing and maintaining water borehole supplies for many years, supporting domestic and commercial customers alike. We know just how important it is to have a reliable supply from your water borehole. If you’re keen to continue combatting costly mains water bills, it’s vital that you maximise the efficiency of your water borehole with regular servicing.

There might be a temptation for homeowners to attempt servicing their water borehole alone, however as a piece of technical equipment, there are lots of ways to cause more damage. Therefore, it’s best to use a team of professionals, such as the Dragon Drilling team. We offer a standard annual service plan that includes:

These checks are designed to get ahead of many of the common issues that shorten the lifespan of a water borehole. This could be pump failure, corrosion, damage to bearings, burst pipes or ruptured pressure tanks. Changing the UV bulbs and sediment filters ensure that your water is being cleaned properly; they are in need of regular replacement to remain effective. The pipes and components are inspected to ensure that there is no build up.

Our service plans are based on the recommendations from the various industry standards, who advise a test at least once a year. Under Private Water Supplies Regulations 2010, your water supply needs to be consistent with drinking water standards, and most importantly, your health can be affected by consuming some of the minerals, bacteria or contaminants that could be in water from an unmaintained water borehole.

Our water quality tests check for nitrates, bacteria, iron, manganese, water hardness, sulfides and anything else that could be contaminating your water. Even if it’s been less than a year since your last test, if you notice a change in taste, colour or odour, it’s best to message our team to make sure there’s nothing in your water that shouldn’t be there. This way, we can avoid any potential issues before they become major, costly, problems.

If you’re in need of a different water borehole service, the Dragon Drilling team also offer bespoke service plans, which can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Our dedicated team is regularly carrying out maintenance on boreholes for houses, farms, hotels and golf courses in rural and urban locations, saving our clients money every year, whilst ensuring they continue to source natural water with no added chemicals. We visit any location in the UK to install or maintain a water borehole.

You can learn more about the steps we will take to maintain your water borehole supply by getting in touch.

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