The Dragon Drilling Guide to Borehole Installation

At Dragon Drilling, we understand that after learning about the benefits of a water borehole, you might be curious about the installation process. While the entire process from start to finish can take up to six weeks, the majority of the work typically occurs within four or five days. Let’s delve into the steps involved in installing your new water borehole:

Step 1: Desktop Study and Viability Assessment (Free)

Our team begins by conducting a thorough desktop study of your property. This involves using geological reports and data from local boreholes to assess the viability of a borehole on your land. This study provides valuable insights into the potential depth required for drilling to reach a sufficient water source.


Step 2: Site Visit and Personalised Quote

Following a desktop study, we’ll schedule a site visit to gain a deeper understanding of your specific location and requirements. This on-site evaluation allows us to provide you with a full estimate for the borehole drilling costs, considering your location and water needs.


Step 3: Scheduling Installation at Your Convenience

Once you’ve made the decision to proceed with a water borehole installation, simply contact us to schedule a convenient time for the work to begin. We’ll ensure clear communication and gather all necessary information before commencing the project.


Step 4: Drilling, Casing, and Sealing (4-5 Days)

On the scheduled day, our team will mobilise the site specific drilling rig to your location. The type of rig used depends on the site access, ground conditions, and we may utilise certain drilling methods such as compressed air or drilling fluids depending on the geology and your surrounding area. Our trained and fully qualified drilling crew will then commence drilling to the predetermined depth. Following this, a plastic casing will be installed. This plastic casing is perforated to allow water ingress into the borehole. To prevent surface water contamination, we’ll add layers of gravel and bentonite around the casing. Finally, the borehole will be securely covered with a manhole cover flush with the ground or if you prefer we can also offer an above ground finish with a GRP cabinet.

Step 5: Pump Installation and Water Testing (1-2 Weeks)

After completing the drilling and casing process, a separate installation team will arrive to install a pump and control panel to bring the water to surface level. We will then allow for 10-14 days of the water pumping on a timed cycle to produce a consistent flow of clear water. We’ll then collect water samples for testing to ensure it’s free from harmful minerals, metals, and other contaminants.


Step 6: System Completion and Water Treatment (if necessary)

Upon receiving the water test results, our engineers will return to finalise the installation. You’ll benefit from a holding tank that ensures a consistent supply of filtered and sterilised water, ready for your use. If the water tests reveal the presence of contaminants, we can install an appropriate treatment system to purify the water before it reaches your holding tank. We will always install particulate filters and a UV steriliser to remove bacteria. This will ensure yous system is compliant with the Private Water Supply Regulations 2016.


By choosing Dragon Drilling for your borehole installation, you’ll gain access to a team of experts dedicated to providing a smooth and efficient process. In addition to the cost savings on your water bills and the independence from the water company, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your own reliable water source.

Contact Dragon Drilling today to get started on your borehole journey and unlock a world of benefits!

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