What Is The Borehole Drilling Process

One of the questions we get asked a lot at Dragon Drilling, after we’ve explained a little about what we do, is how we do it. Installing a borehole can take up to three weeks from start to finish, though the majority of the work takes place over 4 weeks. 

Here’s how the Dragon Drilling team will install your new water borehole:


Step 1

Our team will carry out a desktop study on your location using geology reports and local borehole. This gives us a good idea about how viable your borehole is, the depth we’ll need to drill to.


Step 2

If the results of the desktop study are good, we’ll pay your site a visit to get an even better idea of what we’re working with. After that, we’ll be able to give you an official estimate based on your location and specific needs.


Step 3

Once you’ve chosen to go ahead with your borehole, give us a call to arrange a time to install it. We’ll make sure it’s a convenient time for you and that we know everything we need before we start.


Step 4

When the day comes, we’ll arrive at your location with our drilling rig. We use rotary drilling rigs as well as drills that use compressed air or drilling fluids, depending on the material. Our trained, licenced drillers will then drill to the planned depth and install a casing that supports the well. We’ll then add gravel and bentonite to prevent any surface water from seeping into your well. Once this is done, the team will cover the hole with a manhole cover that lies flush with the ground. This process usually takes us around 4-5 days.


Step 5

Our install team and an engineer will arrive to put a pump and control panel into the borehole. We’ll leave it for a week or two until the borehole is producing consistently clear water, and then take some to test so that you’ll know if your water is free from minerals, metals and other contaminants.


Step 6

Once we’ve for the results back, our engineer will come back to finish everything off. You’ll have a holding tank that ensures you have a consistent supply of water that is filtered and sterilised, ready for your use. If the tests came back positive for contaminants, we’ll be able to install a treatment system that will purify it.


Talk to the Dragon Drilling team today to get started on your very own borehole. You’ll save money on your bills, gain independence from the water company and be in control of your own water supply.

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