Is borehole water safe to drink?

There are many reasons to use a water borehole. For domestic customers, whilst most are interested in a cheaper water solution, they also need to be confident that the water they extract will be suitable for all the domestic uses. From washing clothes to cooking and drinking, a water borehole needs to produce water that is going to perform just as well as mains water.


One of the most frequently asked questions is whether water from a borehole is suitable to drink. The truth is, a huge amount of commercial water is bottled directly at the springs. There are naturally clean water sources feeding into aquifers, ensuring that the water that we extract is often very clean.


Nevertheless, at Dragon Drilling we always put safety first. Once the water has been extracted, we’ll then ensure that the water is tested to ensure we know of any contaminants. Often the water is ready and safe to drink. If there are any contaminants or dissolved solids, we’ll then be able to provide a solution to purify it to ensure it’s completely safe. As standard we will always include sediment filters and a UV steriliser to remove any bacteria. This ensures your water supply adheres to the Private Water Supply regulations.


Once your water borehole has been drilled, it’s fitted with a cover to protect it from any further contamination and bentonite is installed into the borehole to ensure no surface water ingress. We’re also on hand to support you with maintenance and ongoing testing if you’re concerned about the quality of your water moving forward.


If you’d like to talk more about a borehole for either domestic or commercial uses, Dragon Drilling can help. We’re the largest borehole drilling contractors in the country, and pride ourselves in doing a professional job every time. Our experienced engineers make sure that we’ve done the surveys and have analysed the location to be able to make an educated choice on the best place to gain a consistent water supply.

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