Ground Source Heat Pump Webinars in Schools

On 12th November Andrea Ellison, Director and Co-Founder of Dragon Drilling, as well as ex-teacher and head teacher, will present a Ground Source Heat Pump Association webinar to introduce the Schemes of Work she has produced which allow Climate Change and Clean Heat issues to be taught to pupils within the infant, junior and secondary phases of school, ie Key Stages 1 – 4.
The Scheme of Work is entitled ‘Our Earth – Use It; Don’t Abuse It’ and it is aimed at teaching pupils about the importance of using the earth as a renewable energy source – and not abusing it using non-renewable energy sources.

Ground source heating works by extracting energy from the ground in order to heat a building using natural, sustainable resources. It significantly reduces the cost of fuel as well as carbon emissions. Therefore, encouraging owners of commercial and domestic properties to install a ground source heat pump alongside educating others will hopefully contribute to national change.

Andrea said “it is crucial that we start educating children around renewable energy as they will become the generation that considers it the norm for their power supplies. With the government carbon neutrality target of 2050 this is an area that is only going to grow further and so education and understanding is vital in helping to change our current mindsets”.

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