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Signs that your Water Borehole Needs Maintenance

A water borehole comes with many benefits, including low cost and maintenance following installation plus a constant, sustainable and independent water source directly into your home. Being self-sufficient is great, however, it can be daunting. There are times when professional advice and support from the experts will be necessary. This applies for the maintenance of a water borehole. When it comes to the borehole itself, there is little maintenance needed, however, the distribution system that sits above ground will need an annual service.

As a water borehole provides drinking water, it is essential to ensure that everything is working as it should to provide clean, filtered water into your home or building. Although it is unlikely for any major problems to occur between your annual service, there are a couple of changes you can look out for to ensure your borehole water supply is completely clean and uncontaminated.

These include;

Faults can also occur within the system occasionally if a power cut has taken place within the building or the water borehole is running dry. This has nothing to do with the actual underground water supply but may occur if the pump equipment becomes blocked or damaged in any way – preventing water coming through to the tap or creating a leak. Reduced water pressure is a key sign that there may be a fault or blockage. Alternatively, if there are any of these faults present, they will be discovered upon inspection and fixed during the service to ensure the pump is running at maximum capacity.

A key element of the water borehole and one of the most important parts of the service is the UV steriliser bulb. This is the last piece of equipment that the water passes through before reaching the tap and works to remove any bacteria that may be present. Over time, this part of the system could begin working at a reduced capacity, eventually not working at all and risking contaminated water. Therefore, it needs to be replaced every 12 months to maintain a safe water supply. 

Our annual maintenance service also includes;

Please note, we are also able to service and repair systems that are not our own. To do this, we will require details regarding the UV and pump model used so we can be sure to order the correct parts if any equipment needs replacing.


Dragon Drilling offer a service plan for £299 per year plus VAT. It is highly recommended that you have the annual service to ensure your drinking water is always clean and safe. As we know things like this can be difficult to keep track of, our UV steriliser displays have a daily countdown to let customers know when they are due a service. A reminder letter will also be sent one month prior. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. 


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