How Long Will A New Borehole Last?

For most homes and businesses, a water borehole is an investment. The life of that investment, and therefore the amount of return it sees, is one of the most important factors in the decision. If you’re thinking of installing a borehole, there are a few factors that affect how long the system will last. The life cycle of a borehole can be decades when it’s created with the right equipment and maintained well.


Will the water dry up?

In most cases, boreholes are drilled in a location that will produce the best water yield. The Dragon Drilling team conduct geological surveys to make sure that there is a viable aquifer (a water-yielding rock) present. This gives us the best chance of an aquifer that is constantly replenished and will never run low. In some cases, when there’s been a lot of abstraction without much chance for the water to replenish, there can be a lesser flow of water. This is why there are abstraction licences for those with high requirements. The majority of our customers never experience this problem.


Will the borehole itself withstand the years?

Most boreholes will last generations, as long as they were drilled properly in the first place. Some boreholes that were drilled in the 50s or 60s can feasibly still be functional. If you have a new borehole drilled, especially by a trusted contractor such as Dragon Drilling, it is lined with plastic to ensure they won’t collapse. With modern drilling techniques and skilled workmanship, a borehole is likely to last for many years.<


Will I need to replace the pump? 

Of all of the components of a borehole water system, the pump is the most likely to need frequent maintenance. As a piece of machinery that’s running consistently for years is likely to need regular checks to ensure it’s still working at its best. Some boreholes have pumps that aren’t the right size for them, or that is simply old, which means it won’t be performing well. Our team only use pumps that we know will last, made by trusted manufacturers. We also recommend a yearly maintenance visit to find any issues early and prevent a larger issue later on in the life of the borehole. As a general rule of thumb, a properly installed and sized borehole should last 8-10 years.


If you have only just installed a borehole, you’re likely to see years of service from your current equipment. This is extendable with good care and frequent maintenance. If you’re not sure how old your borehole is, it’s worth getting a professional opinion to make sure that it’s a safe and viable source.


To speak to an expert about a borehole, call Dragon Drilling today. We’ll be happy to help.

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