Dragon Drilling Expand With New Rotomax Drilling Rig

As the largest borehole drilling company in the UK, Dragon Drilling is always in the process of expansion and growth. In May, we made the exciting step towards an expanded service capability with the ordering of five new drilling rigs from Geotec of Nirdkirchen. This November, the first of the five new pieces of equipment was delivered to our site in Corwen. 

The new drilling rig, a Rotomax XL-GTCi, is the first of its kind in the UK. Though comparatively small, the new drilling rig is able to handle 20 tonnes of mast pullbacks, increasing to an additional 25 when using the breakout clamps. It also enables our team to simultaneously drill to a depth of 340m whilst installing a steel casing that will prevent the borehole from collapsing whilst in unstable ground. With the added stability and the added power of this new equipment, Dragon Drilling will be able to work more productively without compromising on safety. This new rig is the most powerful in the country, and will enable the Dragon Drilling team to provide an even better service to our customers.

With the new Rotomax rig, our fleet is expanded to thirteen; we await delivery of four further rigs that will increase our capabilities even further. The Dragon Drilling team are excited to be the first UK company to form a relationship with Geotec and to benefit from their expertise. Having visited the manufacturing facility and seen the Rotomax XL-GTCi in action, we were delighted to be able to add it to our own fleet as part of our expansion.

Finance Director, Andrea Ellison, said, “ Our objective is to maintain our position as one of the leading environmental drilling companies in the UK, committed to the expansion of the renewable energy sector as we head towards the Government’s carbon neutrality targets. The financial investment in the new drilling rig is considerable and this is the first of five rigs that we have ordered.”

Already, the schedule for the new drilling rig is filled until June next year, and has made it possible for us to hire three additional members of full time staff. We look forward to the additional positive impacts on our staff, customers and our environment that our investments will make.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how Dragon Drilling can help your business achieve better environmental standards whilst lowering costs on utlities, speak to a member of our team today.



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