How Hotels Benefit From A Water Borehole

For hotels, water usage is a big issue. Not only is there an environmental factor when it comes to the amount of water that’s required to keep a hotel running, but the utility bills of mains water can become prohibitively high. Initiatives such as reusing towels and utilising ‘grey water’ to care for gardens can contribute to improving these costs, but it’s an unavoidable truth that hotels need a consistently high supply of water to remain functional. With additional features such as gardens, golf-courses and pools, the need for a reliable water supply only increases.


Research from the Green Hotelier stated that the average water usage in a temperate climate, such as the UK, was 620 litres per guest. This includes everything from the rooms themselves, to the food & beverages, laundry services, HVAC, steaming, pools and more. For those in hotter countries, the costs and water usage only goes up.


A water borehole is an excellent way to begin to solve both issues in one move. A private water supply in a commercial property such as a hotel generally has full return on investment within a few years by completely eliminating water bills. The water is then supplied from a sustainable, renewable source that can become even more environmentally friendly when combined with the water-saving measures already in place.


Another significant factor is the control that a private water supply offers. With your own water supply, you no longer have to comply with the limitations from the mains water suppliers in the event of a drought or shortage. Hosepipe bans no longer apply, and your business is able to provide the usual high level of service as normal. In rural areas, boreholes can often supply a higher water pressure and a better water quality due to the at-source treatments available. Depending on the size and usage of your property, you may be able to use a borehole without an abstraction licence. This is for those who need to use less than 20,000 litres of water each day. If you use more, Dragon Drilling can help with the licensing process to ensure your property is fully compliant.


With an experienced provider of commercial boreholes, installation can cause minimal disruption to the everyday running of your hotel. We’ll conduct a full survey of the area to ensure that you’re able to abstract the amount of water that you’ll need, to the quality it’s required to be.
If you’re a hotel looking for a way to reduce your outgoings whilst improving your sustainability, a borehole is the perfect solution. Speak to the team at Dragon Drilling to learn about how we can help.

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