The Equipment You Need To Maintain Your New Borehole

Whether you’re ecologically or financially motivated to invest in a new borehole, the moment it’s finally installed can be quite overwhelming. From that day on you’re self-sufficient, using natural resources responsibly, accessing a reliable water supply that’s completely your own. The best way to ensure your borehole remains efficient, and flowing all year round is by calling upon a professional team like Dragon Drilling. We have the specialist knowledge, training and equipment required to save you money, ensuring your borehole continues to operate correctly, efficiently and safely. So the only piece of equipment you need to pick up to maintain your borehole is a telephone! Our annual service packages are designed to maintain your entire water borehole system, covering all components and equipment, including:

We not only understand the equipment required to ensure your borehole functions properly, but our highly skilled team carry out maintenance checks on a daily basis, fixing any problems that may occur over time, including malfunction of pumping equipment, stability issues, corrosion or aquifer problems. We also have the expertise to service third party borehole installations.

Our annual service plans include a filter change, UV bulb change, complete system check, visual inspection of pipework and components and a tank clean, whilst we provide 20% discount off parts and labour for 12 months. We can also create bespoke service plans for more complex requirements. If you need any further information or advice on how we can help you ensure your equipment is well maintained, please call Dragon Drilling today on 01824 707777 or send us a message and we can help you decide on a plan that’s right for your borehole.

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