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How to Make Your Home More Green

There is no time like the present to make your home more green. The current environmental crisis won’t wait so we all need to do our bit to enforce change and save our planet. Whilst many environmental concerns are out of our hands, there is so much the everyday person can be doing to contribute to a greener planet. 

Investing in design changes or larger installations within your home can seem expensive but is guaranteed to pay off in the long run, financially and environmentally. From borehole installation to solar panels, there are a variety of options. Alternatively, smaller lifestyle changes can also be easily introduced and still make a positive contribution if you are on a budget.

Take a look at our top ways to make your home more green and begin your journey to a more sustainable way of life…

Install a smart meter 

Installing a smart meter is an effective way to keep track of your energy usage and only pay for what you use. These can be fitted by your energy supplier and give accurate readings on your gas and electric use. Visually seeing what you are using and spending everyday can also highlight where you may need to make changes.

Invest in a water borehole or ground source heat pump

The addition of ground source heating or a water borehole on your property can help significantly reduce your water and energy bills and create a reliable source of renewable energy. 

Ground source heating works to extract energy from the ground, heating your home using natural resources. On the other hand, a water borehole sources natural water from underground into your home. As well as providing pure, clean drinking water, it is a great solution for poor or unreliable water supplies. 

Fit solar panels 

Rooftop solar panels work by converting light from the sun into electricity. There are requirements that a building must fit to be eligible for solar panels so you’ll need to make sure your home meets these. A south facing roof is the best fit, however, southwest or southeast facing should also be sufficient. It is worth doing your research prior to ensure your property will reap all the benefits of solar panels.

Insulate your home 

Adding insulation to your loft, walls or under flooring helps to contain heat within your home therefore reducing central heating costs and preventing up to 40% of heat loss. 

There are many ways to insulate your home, depending on your budget and the age and design of the property. Smaller changes, if on a budget, include sealing any holes (especially in an attic), adding thick curtains to single glazed windows and covering door drafts. 

Other, more permanent methods of insulation include spray foam into existing walls, SIPS (structurally insulated panels), foam board and more. Research is important to ensure you opt for the right solution for your home.

In terms of other bigger changes you can make to your property or lifestyle, upgrading to double or triple glazing as well as switching to an electric car are great ways to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.  

Make small lifestyle changes 

Smaller lifestyle changes can also make an impact and shouldn’t be disregarded. Make the switch to energy efficient or eco products where possible. Light bulbs, cleaning products, packaging, beauty products all have eco-friendly alternatives available. 

Cycling to work a couple days a week instead of driving, sticking to local produce when shopping and buying second hand or repurposed clothing are also fairly easy changes that can all be made day to day outside the home. 


Dragon Drilling are passionate about providing sustainable solutions via renewable energy. As experts in the industry, we can help you reduce your impact on the environment by installing ground source heating or a water borehole at your home. To begin discussing your options, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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