Could You Save Money With A Private Borehole Water Supply

For many, one of the biggest draws towards a water borehole is the potential to save money. If you’re a high-volume user of water, the costs of a water borehole can begin to outweigh the water bills in a matter of years. As you’re able to abstract up to 20,000 litres of water per day without licence or restriction, there are many people who can benefit from this. 

For those who spend a significant amount of money on supplying their home, business or farm with water, a borehole water supply is an efficient, safe way to eliminate the cost of water. High usage locations that require a high volume of water to function, such as farms, hotels, camp sites and golf courses, can make the money spent on water borehole costs in a matter of years. With thousands of pounds saved on water bills each year, the ongoing benefit of borehole drilling will last long past the initial cost is paid off. Any home or commercial premises can benefit from this, however if your requirements exceed the 20,000 litre daily allowance, it’s a simple case of obtaining a free permit from the Environmental Agency or Natural Resources Wales, costing you no further investment.

Many Dragon Drilling customers have seen savings of up to £8,000 every year after switching from a mains water supplier to a water borehole. What’s more, taking control of your own water supply allows you to eliminate the issues of supply problems and intermittent flow rates that can occur when using high levels of water. There’s no risk of disruption from maintenance or burst pipes – simply high-quality, consistent water that’s filtered and safe to use.

Once the initial investment of a borehole water supply is paid off, you’re left with a supply of free water with nothing but maintenance costs to pay. At Dragon Drilling, we offer a complete aftercare package for your entire borehole system which ensures it continues to operate correctly, efficiently and safely, which can also save you more money in the long run! You can see more about that here. You’ll save money every year, especially if you’re a high-volume water user.

Dragon Drilling has helped hundreds of homes and businesses save thousands of pounds with the use of a private borehole water supply. It’s a quick, simple process to drill and complete a borehole, enabling you to move from a mainstream water supplier in a matter of weeks and begin saving money straight away. Learn more by speaking to a member of our team today or fill out the quick contact form here.

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