What Will A Borehole Look Like When It’s Finished?

Especially when it comes to domestic boreholes, it’s not all about function. Although many of our customers come to us already excited about the prospect of a better, cheaper water source, they’ve got one more question: what will it look like?


When a borehole is part of your home, it’s normal to wonder if it will be intrusive. Especially in rural areas, the garden and view are important. You might have invested a lot of time in the way your home looks, and we know that you’d rather it wasn’t disturbed by an eyesore.


Luckily, drilling and owning a borehole isn’t a process that is too destructive. We’ll use boards to ensure that our vehicles make as little impact on your lawns and paving as possible. If you do have plants around the drill site, these might be best moved to protect them whilst the team is working on the site. We’ll always do our best to leave the site as we found it, with the addition of a borehole!


In terms of the borehole itself, once it’s completed your borehole looks like a manhole cover that’s level with the ground. It’s lockable to make sure that there’s no danger to you or others who might be wandering over it, and can open if you need to get to it at any stage. We’d ask that you don’t let it get too overgrown so that it can be accessed when it’s time to maintain it, but otherwise your borehole will easily blend into your garden or driveway.


When you’re working with an experienced borehole drilling company, you’re working with a team that understands what our customers are looking for. We’ll always ensure that we take care of your space and respect your property. Our team will do our best to leave a borehole that looks neat and unobtrusive.


If you’re concerned about the impact that a water borehole will have on your property, call Dragon Drilling and speak to an expert. When we hear more about your location, we’ll be able to tell you more about what drilling is likely to require and how things will look once we’re done.


To learn more about borehole drilling, call Dragon Drilling today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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