Borehole Depth

Why is borehole depth important?

The Dragon Drilling team are experts in borehole drilling, which means we’ll answer a lot of questions about what we do. Whether it’s a question of environmental impact, project length or simply curiosity, we’re often asked just how deep we’re going to need to drill.

The deepest borehole in the world was drilled to a depth of around 7.6 miles, but Dragon Drilling tend to do things a little more low-key! We’ll only drill as deep as we need to, in order to provide you with a productive borehole.

Deciding the depth that we will drill depends on two factors:

Water Requirements

The more water you need, the deeper the well. This is because we gain water by lining the well with a perforated casing which allows water through. With a deeper hole, there’s more casing, and therefore more water filling the borehole. If you need a significant amount of water, we’ll want to drill to a deeper level to make sure you always have enough when you need it.

In our experience, we’d usually drill an average water borehole to a depth of 60-80 metres. This provides a reliable source of water in most settings. No matter what the environment is like, we’ll always perform a full survey of the location to make sure that we’ve got a good idea of the depth we’ll need to drill to in order to get a good supply of water.

Call us today to ask all of your borehole drilling questions, and to get started on your journey towards freedom from water bills.

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