Borehole Depth

Why Borehole Depth Matters: A Crucial Factor in Water Availability

At Dragon Drilling, we’re experts in borehole drilling and understand the importance of addressing your queries. A common question we receive is about borehole depth and its significance. While the deepest borehole ever drilled reached a staggering 7.6 miles, our focus is on providing practical solutions for your water needs. Here’s why borehole depth plays a crucial role:

Understanding the Link Between Depth and Water Yield:

The amount of water your borehole can produce is directly connected to its depth. This is because we line the borehole with a perforated casing, allowing water to seep in through the perforations. A deeper borehole translates to more casing installed, consequently allowing for a greater volume of water to fill the borehole and ultimately be available for your use.

Matching Borehole Depth to Your Water Requirements:

If you have high water requirements, drilling to a greater depth becomes necessary. This ensures a consistent and sufficient water supply to meet your needs. Our experience suggests that an average residential borehole typically reaches a depth of 60-80 metres. This depth generally provides a reliable source of water in most settings.

Location-Specific Assessments for Optimal Depth:

Regardless of the general range, we understand that every location has unique geological characteristics. To determine the ideal depth for your borehole, we conduct a thorough survey of your property. This survey helps us accurately assess the local groundwater conditions and identify the depth required to reach a productive water source.

Get Expert Guidance and Freedom from Water Bills:

By understanding the importance of borehole depth in relation to water yield, you can appreciate its role in ensuring a reliable water supply. Contact Dragon Drilling today! We’ll answer your questions about borehole drilling and guide you towards achieving freedom from water bills with a properly designed and installed borehole solution.

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