Is A Water Borehole Bad For The Environment?

There’s never been a time that the environment hasn’t been more relevant. With a focus on renewable fuel sources and sustainable farming practices, it’s natural that we’re often approached by people searching for a way to make their water usage as eco-friendly as possible.

A water borehole is the use of a natural resource – by drilling to reach the large amounts of water stored in water-bearing rocks in the ground below. By using a natural resource this way, we’re often asked whether or not a borehole will have an effect on the environment.

At Dragon Drilling, we prefer to work in harmony with the environment instead of against it. The resources that we tap into when providing heat or water from a borehole are renewable, sustainable natural resources. There is no negative effect on the environment from accessing and using this as the surveys that we complete ensure that the supply is plentiful and safe to extract. The environmental impact of a borehole is so small that it’s legal to extract 20,000 litres every day before a permit is required.

Dragon Drilling make every effort to ensure that the impact of our boreholes is as minimal as possible. It’s not uncommon to use a metal casing to line a borehole. This can thin, degrade and erode over time, which can in turn contaminate not only the water that’s produced by the borehole but the surrounding area. We use a 113mm diameter well casing that’s made of plastic, which is strong enough to not erode. We also use natural gravel filters as a first stage, and then bentonite clay as a final seal to prevent surface water contamination.

As with the use of any natural resource, it’s important to be aware of the environmental impact that a water borehole will have. Nevertheless, with the responsible practices that Dragon Drilling take, there’s no negative impact on the environment. In fact, the sustainable use of a natural water source can have a lesser impact than using the national water supply.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of a natural resource and saving money on your water bills, speak to Dragon Drilling about a water borehole for your home today.

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