Is it possible to share a borehole water supply?

The simple answer… Yes, it is possible for a water borehole to supply more than one property. 

Shared boreholes allow the flexibility of being able to share your borehole water supply with neighbours also allowing you to reduce outgoing bills, split the costs of installation and ensure a clean, reliable freshwater supply.

Sharing of boreholes between two or more houses is highly popular as it cuts the ongoing running costs, however, we’d always recommend installing your own for peace of mind long term. Having a shared water borehole system can on limited occasion lead to disagreements in access, running costs and allocation. The common reasons that people find are trying to agree on splitting the bill and the payment for repair works that may need to take place in the future.

When purchasing a new property, some developments already include shared boreholes which provide a benefit to the new homeowners, without having to pay the installation costs after purchasing the new property.

There are definitely benefits or sharing a water borehole as well as a couple of areas to be aware of:



 When you come to buy or sell a house with a shared water borehole it is important to ensure that you check the rights to your water supply in the property deeds. The water borehole usually remains within the deeds of the house and this means that whoever owns the property inherits the borehole and is in charge of its maintenance and any repairs that it may require. 

A common misconception about having a borehole is the price that you need to pay for installation. Splitting the costs is why sharing a borehole water supply is a massive positive, including installation and maintenance. It is always better to get an agreement put in place prior to the purchase of a water borehole to ensure that all parties know their responsibilities, physically and financially and to allow for the borehole to be written correctly into the deeds of the property. A shared water borehole can provide you with a large amount of opportunity in reducing the costs of your water bill, providing added health benefits as well as providing your property with a consistent water supply and a solution that is easy to maintain.

If you wish to find out more information on the sharing of a water borehole feel free to contact Dragon Drilling online or on 01824 707777.

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