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How a Ground Source Heat Pump can help businesses

For businesses, the need for a commercial ground source heat pump can stem from many pain points. If you’re dealing with an unreliable heat source, paying too much to keep your business heated, or hoping to alleviate your environmental impact, ground source heating can help. 

Dragon Drilling have been working with Ground Source Heat Pump installers for many years. We’re able to support businesses who would like a quick, reliable service and an expert team. If you’re wondering how a Ground Source Heat Pump can help your business, here are some of the many benefits.  


Improve your environmental impact

For businesses in the UK and beyond, the environment is an incredibly important topic. There are government targets, consumer expectations and internal requirements to ensure that businesses are lessening their impact on the environment. Heating can be a huge contributor to your business’s carbon footprint. A Ground Source Heat Pump can eliminate the use of a high-carbon heating or air conditioning system, making sure that your business is burning less fuel and reducing overall emissions. Ground Source Heat Pumps can even recycle heat between seasons to ensure naturally cool buildings in summer and warm rooms in winter. 


Government support

The Government offers businesses interested in a renewable heating system a grant to support the installation of a new system, to ensure that the upfront costs are manageable. The Non-Domestic RHI offers an ongoing tax-free income every quarter that lasts for 20 years to offset the installation of your Ground Source Heat Pump. 


Reduced overheads

By design, Ground Source Heat Pumps are a very economical source of heat. They operate efficiently, with negligible running costs and little repair or maintenance needs. Although the savings can depend greatly on the type of businesses and the initial running costs of the property, it’s not unusual to see a saving of up to 50% on energy bills. This translates into an ongoing ROI for the business, especially when combined with the Non-Domestic RHI. 


Reliable service

Especially for businesses dealing with an older system, having a reliable heating system is an incredibly important factor for a business. Daily operations depend on a comfortable workforce and machinery may need specific temperatures in order to operate well. Heat pumps can reach 25 years of performance with no loss in efficiency. With regular checkups, this can even be extended. No matter the heat demand, a ground source heat pump is able to react and keep up with your business’s needs. 


Fast installation

Dragon Drilling prides itself on a fast and non-invasive borehole installation. Our team is able to get to any location that can be accessed by a Land Rover and trailer, and will have your location ready for a ground source heating installation in a matter of weeks. As everything is outside, there will be no disruption to your day-to-day business.   


No need for planning consent

Though it might seem like a long process, there’s no need to gain planning permission to install a ground source heat pump. The government is hoping to encourage more sustainable heating systems, and therefore allow businesses to install these without any red tape. 


If you’re interested in learning more about how a Ground Source Heating solution can support your business, speak to Dragon Drilling. We’ll be able to advise you on installing a Ground Source Heat Pump and put you in contact with a great team of installation experts who’ll ensure an efficient solution.

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