Trade Value Sugar Soap Wipes 80 Pack

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SMAART Trade Value Sugar Soap Wipes 80 Pack

Non-abrasive, no water required, test before use.

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Sugar soaping is most commonly carried out to clean a surface and remove any remnants of glue, dirt or grime that may have built up in preparation for painting, contributing to a smooth finish and immaculate final result. This comes in various forms including; liquid, powder or wipes.

SMAART Trade Value Sugar Soap Wipes work to clean all types of painted and sealed surfaces such as; walls, bannisters, floors, doors, skirting and more. As well as cleaning, using sugar soap also helps the paint cling better to the surface creating an even layer and seamless finish.

Unlike powder, no water is required when using sugar soap wipes making them an ideal solution when on the go. Wipes are also a mess-free option and reduce the amount of materials needed as the cloth and solution are provided in one.

To ensure effectiveness, this product should be tested first in a more hidden area of your chosen surface. Please be aware, this product is not for use on untreated wood or unsealed surfaces. Available in a pack of 80.

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