Philmac Air Release Valve 1″ Female

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Philmac air release valve offers solutions to the agricultural and irrigation industry by providing an economic and reliable solution for removing air from a pipeline.

These valves play a vital role in the performance of a pipe system as they ensure air is dispelled from the system at start up and allow full flow of water through the pipe.
This prevents air gaps which restrict flow of water, and protect against the formation of a vacuum during drainage which can collapse the pipe.

A simple and effective design, with longevity of service, Philmac’s air release valve is designed for harsh outdoor conditions.

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The Philmac 3G™ range of compression fittings doesn’t just represent the latest technology available, it is the next generation of pipe fitting.

The Slide & Tighten Technology means no pipe preparation is needed and no force is required to push the pipe past the seal, resulting in quicker and easier installations

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