Luminor LB5-403 UV Bulb

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Luminor UV bulb replacement for the LB5-403 UV water treatment system.

For system information and advice, use the QR code displayed on the control panel.

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This Luminor UV bulb is a replacement for the LB5-403 UV steriliser system. Ultraviolet light plays an essential role in the elimination of harmful microorganisms that can be present in borehole water if not treated regularly. The bulb lasts for 9000 hours meaning it only needs to be changed once a year. In order to keep track of when the UV bulb needs replacing, the colour control panel found on the main UV water treatment system includes a lamp countdown to alert you when the year is nearly up.

The LB5-403 is a genuine Luminor bulb and the best fit for the main system of the same model, highly recommended by the manufacturer. Due to the lightweight, fragile nature of the bulb, it needs to be handled with care when being replaced in order to avoid it breaking. For this reason, it is also recommended that gloves are worn to avoid injury or oils coming into contact with the skin.

Luminor offers high-quality products and replacement parts, always aiming to provide ease of use and a positive customer experience. Helpful videos and advice can be found to assist you in replacing your UV bulb, just go to the QR code provided on the control panel of the main UV water treatment system.

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