Luminor LB5-203 UV Bulb

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Genuine replacement bulb for the LB5-203 UV steriliser. 42 watt lamp with a life-span of 9, 000 hours.

Handle with care and follow provided videos for installation information.

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This is a replacement bulb for the LB5-203 UV steriliser. After the 9000 hour lifespan of the bulb in your LB5-203 UV water treatment system, on which the status of the bulb can be checked using the display, the bulb will need replacing. This is a genuine Luminor bulb, as recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance.

Without replacing the bulb, the UV steriliser will fail to eliminate the bacteria and microorganisms that may be present in the water. This can lead to the water from your private water source no longer being safe to drink. Therefore, it’s important to properly maintain the UV steriliser system. The UV water treatment will not impact the clarity, smell or taste of your water.

For installation information, please see this video. Please be cautious whilst replacing bulbs by wearing gloves to avoid damaging the replacement bulb with oils from your skin, and taking care to avoid breakages.

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