Luminor LB5-153 UV Bulb

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Genuine Luminor LB5-153 UV replacement bulb.

Keep track of life span on the colour control panel, which will display a lamp countdown.

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The bulb within the Luminor LB5-153 UV water treatment system has a lifespan of 9000 hours and needs to be replaced every year. To alert you of this, the colour control panel within the main system will display a lamp countdown to help you keep track of annual bulb replacement. Also provided within the control panel is a QR code leading you to a variety of useful videos and information needed to assist you with any maintenance or replacements.

Dimensions for this bulb are 39.3” which is the equivalent of 999mm. The power of the bulb is 50 watts and it only weighs 0.2kg. When replacing the bulb, be sure to handle it with care as it is extremely fragile and could cause damage to the skin if broken or has traces of oil on the outside.

The LB5-153 bulb has an important part in the UV water treatment process so it is essential that replacements are kept on top of. UV light works effectively to eliminate any bad bacteria that may be present in the water of a borehole used as a drinking source. Regular maintenance will help keep the water as pure and clean as possible to ensure it is safe to drink at all times.

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