Luminor LB5-103 UV Bulb

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Genuine replacement bulb for the LB5-103 UV steriliser.

Lamps will need replacing every year to ensure they emit the right strength of UV light in order to sterilise water before drinking.

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This is a replacement bulb for the LB5-103 UV steriliser. Luminor UV Water Sterilisers have a 12 month lifespan for their lamps, which can be checked using their colour display. After 9000 hours, the lamp will need replacing. Failure to do so can result in water that is no longer potable.

UV lamps provide effective water treatment by sterilising water from private water supplies such as boreholes, neutralising any microorganisms that could be contaminating the water. The LB5 range of UV water sterilisers are made by Luminor, and offer high quality, effective sterilisation. This bulb is for the LB5-103 UV Steriliser. It can sterilise at a maximum flow rate of 41 litres per minute.

For installation information, please see this video. Please take caution whilst handling replacement bulbs, wearing gloves to prevent breakages and avoid damaging the replacement bulb with oils from your skin.

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