Luminor LB5-103 Quartz Sleeve

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UV Quartz Sleeve compatible with the Luminor LB5-103 UV steriliser.

Needs replacing every 2-3 years, handle with care.

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The Luminor LB5-103 UV water treatment system has multiple elements to it, many of which need replacing in order to keep it working to its full efficiency. As well as the UV bulb, the quartz sleeve that surrounds the bulb creating a barrier between the UV light and the water also needs replacing.

It is recommended that the quartz sleeve is changed and replaced with every other UV bulb or every 2-3 years. Over time, the strength of the ultraviolet light as well as a build up of sediment and other contaminants around the quartz sleeve can affect its transparency. In this case, it will not be as effective in transmitting UV light through to the water in order to sterilise it.

When replacing the quartz sleeve, handle with care and wear gloves to avoid any possible contaminants coming into contact with the skin.

The Luminor LB5-103 Quartz Sleeve fits closely around the UV bulb in order to create a protective barrier, the dimensions are:
Internal diameter – 20mm
External diameter – 22.5mm
Length – 866mm
Weight – 0.2kg

Luminor provides genuine, high-quality products and replacement parts designed to keep your UV water treatment system working as best it possibly can, providing clean water into your home.

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