Luminor LB5-033 UV Bulb

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Replacement bulb, compatible with the Luminor LB5-033 UV steriliser.

Colour control panel will provide diagnostic alerts, letting you know when the bulb needs replacing.

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The role of ultraviolet light within a UV steriliser system is crucial. Without this, UV rays will not be able to attack the water to eliminate any bacteria present, making the water unsafe and potentially harmful to anyone that drinks it. Therefore, it is essential that the UV bulb is checked regularly and replaced as soon as it runs out. This process is easy to manage and won’t affect the taste, smell or appearance of the water.

The Luminor LB5-033 UV bulb is a replacement for the UV steriliser of the same model and has a lifespan of 9000 hours, the equivalent of 1 year so will need to be replaced annually. The power of the bulb is 15 watts, meaning it emits 15 joules of energy per second. Dimensions are 11.4” (290mm) and it only weighs 0.2kg, making it extremely lightweight. UV bulbs are fragile so need to be handled with care to avoid any damage or breakages. Upon removing the bulb, gloves are advised to avoid harm to bare skin from remnants of trail oils that may be present on the exterior of the bulb.

The colour control panel within the LB5-033 UV steriliser system includes a lamp countdown to alert you when your bulb needs replacing.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 290 mm

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