Luminor LB5-033 Quartz Sleeve

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Luminor LB5-033 Quartz Sleeve, 336mm and 0.2kg.

Replace every 2-3 years and always handle with care.

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A quartz sleeve within a UV sterilisation system acts as a barrier between the flowing water and the strong UV rays used to make it pure and clean. This needs to be changed every 2-3 years as sediment and bacteria can build up around the sleeve, reducing the effectiveness of the ultraviolet light.

The Luminor LB5-033 Quartz Sleeve is 336mm in length and weighs 0.2kg. Due to the fragility of the sleeve, it needs to be handled with care when replacing to avoid any damage or breakages. We recommend you wear gloves and be careful not to touch the length of the sleeve as any residue left can risk blocking the transmission of UV light and reduce the effectiveness of the sterilisation process.

Luminor provides genuine spares and replacements for UV water treatment systems to ensure your drinking water is being sterilised at all times by killing harmful bacteria. For optimal performance of the system as a whole, be sure to keep on top of maintenance and clean or replace certain parts when necessary.

Further information and tutorials can be accessed by scanning the QR code using a mobile device. This will be clearly displayed on the UV water treatment system.

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