LB5-403 UV Steriliser

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LB5-403 UV Steriliser, made by Luminor, with a max flow rate of 150 litres per minute.

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For homeowners, it’s important to ensure that the water that is being sourced from a borehole is potable, or safe to drink. The LB5-403 UV Steriliser, made by Luminor, is suitable up to a maximum flow rate of 150 litres per minute, making it a great choice for a private water supply or larger scale applications.

The UV water treatment system is simple to use, complete with a colour control panel display to provide insight into the status of the system. This includes QR codes to inform users about product and service information, as well as bulb life and warning alerts. The product features also includes a new axial flow with 304 stainless steel reactors. In line with the high quality offered by Luminor, the device is manufactured to the ASME pressure vessel standard.

UV Lamps are a dependable, long-lasting way to clean your water. They follow industry standards, providing low pressure coated UV lamps and ceramic bases for a 9000 hour life span. The bayonet style lamp connector enables homeowners and professionals to quickly replace the lamp with no tools. The LB5-403 UV Steriliser is equipped with a true gland seal retaining nut with a positive stop, as well as a UV sensor port that enables quick and simple upgrades in the future.

UV water sterilisers work to keep your water pure, without affecting the taste or smell, by removing 99% of microorganisms without the addition of any chemical sterilisers.

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