LB5-203 UV Steriliser

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An LB5-203 Water Sterilising system manufactured by Luminor.

Sterilisation for a max flow rate of 79 litres per minute.

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UV light works by killing off harmful bacteria that may be present in water. For those with a borehole installed at their property, this is an essential treatment to ensure the water they are drinking is clean, safe and completely free of contaminants. The Luminor residential range provides a simple, easy to use UV water treatment solution for homeowners using a borehole as their source of drinking water. A multi-purpose colour control panel provides full diagnostics to the user, as well as a lamp countdown and a QR code allowing access to helpful videos available via a smartphone.

The LB5-203 boasts a new axial flow, 304 stainless reactors and a bayonet style lamp connector allowing for removal with no tools. All manufactured in line with ASME pressure vessel standards, the addition of a true gland seal retaining nut is secure and leak-proof. The reliable system also comes with proprietary low pressure coated UV lamps with ceramic bases that are hard-wearing and offer a 1 year life span.

The UV steriliser system is capable of a 79 litres per minute flow rate and fully supportive of future upgrade with an optional UV sensor module allowing conversion to a UV monitored system.

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