LB5-153 UV Steriliser

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A Luminor LB5-153 UV Steriliser, able to support a max flow rate of 57 litres per minute.

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Perfect to control potable water quality for private water supplies, the Luminor Residential range provides reliable Ultraviolet Water Sterilisation for borehole water supplies in a range of flow rates.

The LB5-153 UV Steriliser is made to support a max. flow rate of 57 litres per minute. The product is manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standard, using a new axial flow and 304 stainless steel reactors for effective, reliable function. With Luminor’s proprietary low pressure coated UV lamps and ceramic bases, the LB5-153 UV Steriliser offers high quality UV Water Treatment for a 9000 hour life. Made for durability and ease of use, the LB5-153 UV Steriliser has a bayonet lamp connector that can be removed with no tools, a true gland seal retaining nut with a positive stop for leak protection.

The Luminor UV Water Treatment range offers a reliable user experience, including a colour user interface that provides in-depth information about the condition of the product and the water, including QR codes, a lamp countdown and full diagnostics. This enables the homeowner to quickly source service videos or replacements parts from their smartphone if needed. It is future-proofed with a UV sensor port that enables a quick upgrade process if needed.

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