LB5-103 UV Steriliser

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A LB5-103 UV Steriliser Unit, manufactured by Luminor.

Uses powerful UV light to sterilise water with a max flow rate of 41 litres per minute.

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When sourcing drinking water from a borehole, it is essential that it is clean and safe at all times. The Luminor LB5-103 UV steriliser allows a maximum flow rate of 41 litres per minute making it a great choice for private water supplies. This UV water treatment system is easy to use and comes with a QR code providing the homeowner with plenty of maintenance support and assistance when needed.

A colour control panel displays the status of the system, detailing important information regarding bulb life with full diagnostics and warning alerts. Product features include a new axial flow with 304 stainless steel reactors that are manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standard.

Luminor UV lamps are reliable and robust, falling in line with industry standards, providing proprietary low pressure and a 9000 hour life. A bayonet style lamp connector allows for quick removal with no tools necessary. The LB5-103 also comes equipped with a true gland seal retaining nut with positive stop. It can easily be upgraded in the future by purchasing an additional UV sensor module to use alongside the provided UV sensor port.

UV light works to keep your water in its purest, healthiest form and doesn’t affect the taste or smell.

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