LB5-033 UV Steriliser

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A LB5-033 UV Steriliser Unit, manufactured by Luminor.

Uses UV light to clean water with a max flow rate of 11 litres per minute.

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Luminor’s residential range allows simple management of the system and quality within independent water supplies. The process of UV water sterilisation works efficiently to remove bacteria from underground water sources with room for future proof upgrade to a UV monitored system.

The LB5-033 UV sterilisers support a maximum flow rate of 11 litres per minute, using newly introduced axial flow and 304 stainless steel reactors for fast, successful treatment of borehole water. Falling in line with ASME pressure vessel standards, proprietary low pressure coated UV lamps with ceramic bases guarantee durability, 9000 hour life and no need for extra tools. The addition of a true gland seal retaining nut with positive stop provides a watertight seal to prevent potential leakage.

Fully potted ballast is used to almost completely eliminate typical water quality issues. A current electronic controller, supplied in a splash-proof case for safety purposes, can be used to manage all elements within the UV water treatment system. This makes for easy, straightforward control and a positive user experience.

The Luminor products aim to deliver a reliable, easy to use experience for its customers, providing on hand advice via a QR code, accessible by mobile. A colour user interface also allows for reliable diagnostic alerts and system updates.

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