DAB E.SYBox Pump

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WRAS approved DAB E.SYBox Pump for use in domestic and commercial settings to boost water pressure. Power supply of 220 – 240V and head up to 60m.

Compatible with DAB E.SYDock, E.SYTank, E.SYWall and E.SYTwin accessories.

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The DAB E.SYBox Pump is a self-contained borehole distribution pump with a flow rate of up to 120l/min, equivalent to 7.2m³/h. Used for boosting potable water pressure in domestic and commercial settings with a variable speed, designed to automatically adjust the water flow according to demand.

Equipped with flow and pressure sensors, the WRAS approved borehole pump is efficient and easy to use. Its motor has a special water cooled design resulting in reduced noise, ideal when using within the home.

As one of the best currently on the market, the DAB E.SYBox Pump can be used in a wide variety of applications and emits a power supply of 220 to 240 V or 50/60Hz.

Other features include;
Head up to 60m
2 Litre Expansion Tank
Anti vibration feet
Non-return valve on delivery
Motor protection rating: IPX4
Insulation class: F

An LCD display screen provides necessary information and diagnostics, allowing you to monitor and maintain when needed. This borehole pump can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical fixed position.

DAB has been manufacturing water technologies for over 40 years. Their products are efficient and reliable, continuously aiming to bring innovative solutions and optimise energy consumption in various industries.

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